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Limited Edition Prints
Limited edition giclee prints are available for the images pictured below. Each print is a high quality reproduction printed on heavyweight watercolor paper signed and numbered by Bill Thomson. Each edition is limited to 75 prints. If you are interested in a giclee print of an image not pictured, please let us know.

(acrylic, 2000) 14.5" x 19"
$195 (shipping included)
Miracle of Teamwork
(acrylic, 2001) 15 x20"
$195 (shipping included)
September Eleventh
(mixed media, 2002) 18" x 21"
$195 (shipping included)

Children's Books
Karate Hour, a children's book written by Carol Nevius and illustrated by Bill Thomson was released September 2004. The book is published by Cavendish Children's Books and available at a store near you. Following is a brief publisher's description of the book:
Karate class begins and students come together to practice their blocks and stances--from crescent kicks to tuck-roll stands. Dynamic black-and-white artwork of children bowing, kicking, and sailing through the air contrasts with their brilliantly-colored karate belts in this rhythmic read-aloud that explores the techniques and philosophy of karate.







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